Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter is Coming

Wow as if it is the first of December already! Now we can truly get excited about the run up to Christmas. It is time for me to get my shopping head on and pick some amazing presents for those closest to me. I love picking out things for other people, I just hope they like them too!

So excited to be heading down to Leeds today! So just a quick update on what I am wearing before I go!

This is the Topshop dress I mentioned in an earlier post, I also wore this to my boyfriend's graduation last week, so versatile! I love the skater style of this dress it is very flattering, especially if you go out at the hips! I teamed it up with my ombre Topshop scarf that I cannot seem to take off at the moment! It is so soft and adds a little detail to a plain outfit.

I decided to make a smart decision and wear flats as I will no doubt be spending the day wandering around the shops, and my feet tend to hurt after hours tottering about in heels!

Hoping to stop of at Harvey Nic's for a cocktail or two whilst browsing! They are expensive but sooo yummy! If anyone knows of any places that are a must go in Leeds, let me know!

Anyway I'm off to have my nails done before I go. Who has some exciting plans for the weekend?



  1. This dress looks gorgeous on you x

  2. That dress is gorgeous! The scarf is lovely too xxx

  3. Hi just stumbled across your blog! Really love this post!
    The dress is lovely, really suits your figure and compliments your hair colour :-)
    I'm a big fan of statement necklaces toooo.

    If you have minute maybe check out my blog and see what you think!? We could follow each other?
    I'd really like that, especially seeing your next posts etc :D

    Lucy xx

    1. tried to find your blog but nothing came up :(

  4. your hairs such a lovely colour :-) x x x

  5. Love the dress! xx

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments!xx