Thursday, 13 December 2012

Patterns and Pieces

Another day off today so planning a shopping trip for various bits and pieces perhaps a present or two for a few special people! A laid back day calls for a laid back outfit. I picked this top up in Topshop the other day. I love the print and think it makes it look more expensive than the £18 ticket price. I am planning on wearing this with my PU skirt and olive jeans. But for today I paired it up with my trusty wet look leggings. I think it may be time to buy some new ones. These are beginning to go a little sheer in places and I really do not fancy showing my underwear off to the world. Thin material leggings and bending over are never a good look.

I knew I would wear my beaded collar again to dress up a more casual look. I like the whole embellishment with a plain tee combo. Nice accessories really add a wow factor to an otherwise plain outfit. There are some amazing statement necklaces in Topshop at the moment and although some are a tad overpriced they are beautiful.

I adore this lipstick that I am wearing today. When the rest of my make up is looking a bit plain and
samey, I add some bright lipstick for a pop of colour. This is 107 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel range.The new collection in the red packaging. For such a low price they really are worth it. They last for ages and I really like the creamy texture when you first apply. I would recommend if you are looking for a striking lip colour that isn't going to break the budget.

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  1. This is a great outfit :) I love the lipstick colour, it's really festive :) x

  2. i really like this outfit! and the design is very unusual! :D

    -Maisy x

  3. Love your shoesss :) So pretty! xxx

  4. cute look!

  5. The print on your top is amazing! x

  6. Love your tee! So cute! Your blog header is so cute too, love bunting!!

    Emma x

  7. Gorgeous outfit xx