Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Past Christmas Present

Please excuse me for my blogging absence for the past week as I have well and truly basked in the Christmas festivities. Present giving and receiving, eating mince pies, watching winter wonderland films and spending time with those closest to me. Although is hasn't all been fun and games as I work in retail. Ah yes the Christmas sales, I both have love for them and hate. Love when I am joining in on the shopping and hate whilst I watch you all shop and then pick up the trail of sale that is left behind.

It is safe to say I have been run off my feet at work but I admit it is nice to get home and forget the day with that big stocking of chocolate that I gratefully opened on Christmas day! Thanks to my lovely family and boyfriend I opened some beautiful presents over the past week. A couple of Topshop dresses, Armani Diamonds perfume, some Porefessional and a stunning Ted Baker phone case are just a few to name.

Expect to see many product reviews showing up due to the heavy number of beauty essentials that have come my way and there are some beauties! From skincare to hair care, I will have it covered in some form or another! There is nothing better than to have plenty of products to try out on the run up to the new year. Speaking of the big day, I have yet to have anything planned for the first time in years! I better think of something quick, before it me all on my lonesome!

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Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with some special presents!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Giveaway Update!

Hey lovely ladies there is just two weeks left to be in the chance of winning my first ever giveaway! All you need to do is leave a little comment with your email below and be a follower of this blog. If you have already entered via the first post then you don't need to worry about leaving a comment on this post as you have already entered. I will be picking the winner via number generator on NYE and the winner will be receiving a lovely email on NYs day.

The lucky winner will receive a pair of Linea polka dot tights and a pair of lace Jonathan Aston lace ankle socks that are just too cute. I will also be asking the winner's chocolate bar of choice to also send as a little extra.

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Happy entering!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Little Sock Heaven

Every now and again I go through fazes of things I buy. Last year it was tights. I loved seamed tights, stocking tights, sheer tights, thick tights, spotted, lined, you named it I bought it. This year however my little obsessions is socks.

Since buying a few pairs of polka dot socks from New Look (not pictured) I couldn't stop. I had to have more to go with my Topshop Alexy boots. Since it was impossible to find socks short enough, that wouldn't peep over the top, they had to be pretty enough to show off and of course go with whatever I was wearing on that day.

Well so many high street stores have amazing offers when it comes to socks and hosiery. Topshop, New Look and River Island all have the three for such and such and you end up getting one pair almost free. Topshop have amazing range and is my go to place for when I need some cute socks to add a little detail to my outfit. From frilly to ribbed, to glittery and studded, they have your sock needs covered.

Also River Island have some lovely little ankle socks in with baroque patterns and little bows. For the daring among us, why not try some knee high to thigh high socks there were some amazing gold glittery knee highs that will add a little sparkle to your outfit on Christmas day.

My most favourite pair that I have bought recently have to be the cat print ankle socks from Topshop which are now sold out online! They are so cute I just had to have them. I am not sure what I will wear them with and my boyfriend truly despises them but there little faces called out to me.

Ankle socks peeking out from your boots are an instant way to add detail to an otherwise plain outfit. Whether patterned and bright or simple and plain is your sock of choice there is something out there for everyone this winter.

What socks have you been buying this season?


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Organix Moroccan Hair Care

Boots Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Care

I am always on the look out for a new hair care regime that will kick my hair into shape. With heavy duty dying, blow drying and straightening, my head needs all the help it can get. With so many treatments, oils and hair rescues on the market it can be hard to find the one that will suit you best. I picked up this little trio on a trip to boots, first came the Organix Moroccan Argan hair oil and then came the complimenting shampoo and conditioner. All I can say is that this is one impressed lady.

This trio is perfect for rescuing well worked hair and when I say that I mean hair that has to overcome all the bad, heated things that hair has to go through to look good. Hair oil is one amazing product that can rectify heat damage, calm split ends and leave your hair feeling soft and glossy. The Organix hair oil is now something that I couldn't live without.At £6.99 I get my pennies worth and by using this product everyday, on towel dried hair. I use the tiniest of amounts and rake through hair evenly, starting from the roots to the tips. The product does not leave any greasy residue to you hair and once the hair is dry there is no evidence that hair oil has been used. Perfect! I have had the same bottle for about four months now if not longer.

When I feel my hair needs a little more TLC than usual I will apply a small amount to dried hair and leave in over night. It may look greasy but trust me it is worth it. You can even use a shower cap to lock in the hair oil to ensure you reap the benefits.

The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely texture and smell great. I buy the smaller bottles priced at £1.99 each and these can last me up to three weeks washing my hair everyday. Only a small amount of each product is needed to guarantee smooth hair.

The small bottles make them easy to store and take away from you, although with them looking the same at first glance it is hard to tell which is which, and yes I have taking the hair oil into the shower and not realised until I poured it into my hand! Such a waste of good product.

If you are looking for a hair oil that isn't as expensive as the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment that everyone is talking about, the Organix range offer just as good of a product for a fraction of the price!

What hair products have you been raving about lately?


Friday, 14 December 2012

Bourjois Khol Kajal

Like most girls, I wear eyeliner everyday. I favour the cat like flick with liquid eyeliner over anything else. I never get adventurous, I never stray to a different style. I have dabbled with a a khol pencil but have never ventured as far as a gel liner. It would be an understatement to say I play it safe when it comes to my eyeliners. With that in mind, it was very odd that I decided to pick up this product. Enter Bourjois' Queen Attitude Khol Kajal.

Bourjois Khole Kajal

A dramatic name for a very dramatic product. If bold eyes are your thing then this product is for you. It comes in simple black packaging with a cute black ribbon attached. Like a lipstick you you turn the bottom so the products pops out and you can have as little or as much of the eye liner on show as you like. The product itself is very lipstick-esque except that it meets in a point to ensure you get an even, thin line when you apply.

With this product you have control over how thick and bold the product is applied. You can lightly transfer onto you eyeliner in soft, small strokes or press on hard and allow for a darker, thicker line.You control the intensity of the line very easily. I find this product works really well as a smudging tool when you apply liquid liner first, perfect for a smokey eye look. You can blend the Kajal into your everyday eyeliner to 'rock' up your look or to get a darker, bolder look.

You can be very experimental with this product. I found that by using the product over the whole lid for a rough base, shadow can then be applied on top and blended up and out into the socket for an extreme smokey eye effect. This product is great for creating definition and shaping the eye. It can be used on the bottom and top lashes and looks great with lashings of mascara. This product is great for night time to ensure your eyes stand out.

I personally use the Kajal as a top up for my regular eyeliner, for a blended, rough effect and with my Topshop Palette as it works really well alongside eyeshadow. The creamy texture of the Kajal makes it easy to blend and it doesn't crack off like some liquid eyeliners. It is pretty hard wearing and it is very easy to touch up later in the day.

For £6.99 you can use the products in many ways and create different looks. If you want to change your look or experiment with different styles then this may be the product for you!

What do you think of Khol Kajal, would it replace you regular eyeliner?


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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Patterns and Pieces

Another day off today so planning a shopping trip for various bits and pieces perhaps a present or two for a few special people! A laid back day calls for a laid back outfit. I picked this top up in Topshop the other day. I love the print and think it makes it look more expensive than the £18 ticket price. I am planning on wearing this with my PU skirt and olive jeans. But for today I paired it up with my trusty wet look leggings. I think it may be time to buy some new ones. These are beginning to go a little sheer in places and I really do not fancy showing my underwear off to the world. Thin material leggings and bending over are never a good look.

I knew I would wear my beaded collar again to dress up a more casual look. I like the whole embellishment with a plain tee combo. Nice accessories really add a wow factor to an otherwise plain outfit. There are some amazing statement necklaces in Topshop at the moment and although some are a tad overpriced they are beautiful.

I adore this lipstick that I am wearing today. When the rest of my make up is looking a bit plain and
samey, I add some bright lipstick for a pop of colour. This is 107 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel range.The new collection in the red packaging. For such a low price they really are worth it. They last for ages and I really like the creamy texture when you first apply. I would recommend if you are looking for a striking lip colour that isn't going to break the budget.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Velvet and Gold

Just getting ready for work at the moment and off to the staff Christmas do tonight which I am a little excited for! Not too sure what to wear yet, maybe my faithful black velvet skater dress from Topshop with the sparkly dots, sounds quite the Christmas do attire.

Had some exciting news yesterday, I have an interview lined up in the new year for a marketing assistant position so fingers crossed for that. Time to do my research I think. Also waiting to hear back on a couple of other writing projects so who knows maybe this time next year I may be well on my way in forging a writing career for myself!

I can't believe it is almost the new year. This year has gone so quickly, so much has happened.
Leaving University was probably the biggest and strangest change of all that and moving back home. So far so good though so I can't complain. I actually do not know what my NYE plans are yet and with only a few short weeks away I better get a shake on and start planning something. Otherwise it will be me, alone with a bottle of Dissarano for company and I simply cannot have that!

I absolutely love this dress from the Chelsea Girl section in River Island. it is fast becoming one of my favourites, I can literally wear it for anything. Work, meal, cinema, pub times, it is so versatile. It was only £30 which is very cheap for a lovely feeling velvet. The baroque pattern is very 'in' at the moment isn't it? The little fringing is so cute but I have been known to get them tangled causing some bits to fray but never mind!

This scarf is an old purchase from H&M. I love the black panther and the gold print, it is so gaudy and OTT but it reminds me of something you would find at a vintage fayre that was once owned by and old spinster that wore over sized earrings and real fur. Sometimes ugly is the new beautiful and you just have to go with it!

This is my new bag that I banged on about here. I love it, I wanted it to I bought it and have not looked back. it is so roomy that I can fit all my bits and bobs and useless things into. Great for going to and from the boyfriend's with.

Off to work I go, not sure we will get much done today, will most likely be gossipping about who is wearing what and tonight's do.

How are you and your work friends celebrating this year??


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nails Inc's Victoria

I am a strong advocate of Nail's Inc polish after discovering them a few years back, free polish in Glamour magazine anyone?? I have built up a small collection of shades that I revisit time and time again. They are hard wearing, have a lovely smooth and glossy finish and best of all they do not go all gloopy in the bottle!

Nails Inc Victoria

The newest addition to my growing collection is the beautiful Victoria. A dark cherry shade that allows for deeper colour after two coats with a shiny and even finish. I love dark shades on nails, they make your nails pop and they eye is instantly drawn to them. The shade is both dramatic and alluring and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Dubbed as one of the 'Hero' shades, it proves its popularity with each coating. Every girl needs a dark cherry purple in their nail collection and this has to be one of the best I have tried. The packaging is typical Nails Inc, simple and straight to the point. The colour does the talking and in the clear glass bottle it is clear to see why this is one of the Hero collection. It will always be an 'in' colour, timeless.

The colour is quick and easy to apply and if you are like me and can make a bit of a mess (random dots of polish around your fingers) then I would recommend this brand. they go on so evenly it makes it very difficult for even the worst painter to go wrong!

If dark colours are not your thing, then don't worry this shade could still be the one for you. With just one coat this shade can transform your nails, to a lovely light cherry red and for those who embrace the dark, pop on another coat to take you from light and bright, to a darker shade of night with a more purple colour.

This polish is simply amazing and worth the £11 price tag and is fast becoming my new staple polish. You can use it time and time again and the polish will maintain it's staying power both inside and out the bottle. You never know this shade may just grace the cover of Glamour magazine this year as one of it's amazing freebies. Keep your eyes peeled girls.

What is your polish must have this season??


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Big Bag Love

Just a quick post today about my new found love for my brand new bag. Is it a little sad, yes. Am I being a bit over the top, yes, but does it make me very happy...YES!

I have been after this River Island bag for ages and I mean ages. I first saw it in my local store a few months ago and when I ventured back in on pay day a week later, they had sold out, standard. So I though I would check it out online, for the record I never buy anything online like ever but I would make an exception for the bag of my dreams. After all it was big, black, had both two little handles and a long strap and to finish it off gold metal detail. Everything I could ever want or need from a bag, rolled into one must have bag. But seen as I thought it was so great, so did everyone else and the bag was sold out online.

I never did forget about the bag even when I was contemplating adding THE Zara bag, that everyone out there adores, to this years Christmas list. So on my little trip to Leeds, I wandered into River Island and there it was, on the top shelf, the last two. And one of them would be mine, and now it is.

So there we have it one girl's bag dream made into a reality. It just goes to show that if you keep believing in something, one day it will turn up in a River Island far far away waiting for you to go find it.

That is just one story of how I found my dream bag, stay tuned for other pointless stories about nothing in particular coming your way in the near future....

Have you ever found something that you had wanted for so long that sold out everywhere??


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Friday, 7 December 2012

Leeds We Meet Again

Last weekend in Leeds was amazing. the day started off with a little nail TLC. Finally tried the Opi Lincoln Park at Midnight, a gorgeous deep purple, almost verging on black. I always opt for Opi at nail salons as it is the done thing isn't it, a little bit if luxury on a cold Saturday morning. I treated my mum to a new set of acrylics for her birthday and she chose the same colour as me.
A perfect shade for all is what I say, age does not matter where nails are concerned.


Boarding the crappy little train from York to Leeds was extremely mundane however did not put a dent in my mother's friend's spirits when they cracked open a bottle of bubbly. Now call me old but drinking before twelve is a strict no no for me! Those bubbles would go straight to my head! To cut a long story short that day was full of shopping, eating and cocktails!
The apartments at Residence six were amazing, so amazing that I would want to live there! The bathrooms were gorgeous, equipped with Molton Brown goodies, fluffy white towels and our own bathrobes. Even the  fridge was already filled with things for breakfast the next morning. Every detail counts when booking into accommodation and we even got a late checkout for the next day! I would recommend staying here if you ever fancy a trip to Leeds, it is very true that you get what you pay

For the night out I decided to be a little more daring then usual in this little Topshop black number. I rarely show off up top but I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. With a deep, plunging neckline, in mesh, it was little more or should I say less then I would normally sway towards. I am a strong advocate of the skater style skirt, and this dress did not let me down. The imprinted design on the dress is lovely, and adds slight detail without being gharish. It was a win in my eyes. I added a pair of black opaques, a smokey eye and some heels and I was ready to go!

We stopped off at The Living Room, Browns, The Slug and Lettuce (who can resist two for one cocktails) before ending up in some club that I cannot seem to remember the name. All in all it was a great night, the walk back to the apartments however was coats, in heels, in minus two weather is never a good combination!

Do any of you have any exciting trips away before the new year??


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Topshop Shadow Palette

A few weeks ago I bought my first proper eyeshadow palette that I actually planned on using. I often shy away from shadow and stick to my eyeliner flick with lashings of mascara. However after seeing so many pictures of models in magazines sporting the smokey eye look, I had to give it a go. I tottled down to Topshop to try there Smokey Eye palette in Tawny. The four shades featured are earthy colours with a slight shimmer. Included are a lovely pale nude, a strong copper, earthy khaki and shimmering brown. Each can be worn on its own, for a strong colour block or blended together to create depth.

Topshop Palette £12

Since purchasing these shadows, the light nude has become an everyday wear, I often smooth over the whole lid to create a soft finish or lightly dust in the inner corner and lower lash line just to bring out the eyes and make them pop. The nude is a good base when blending the darker shades.

You can create a real sultry look with the darker shades especially the darker brown. This shade looks great when blended right to the point of the eyeliner flick and is perfect for night. The colour isn't too overwhelming and does not hide you lash line or liner.

I would recommend buying a slanted eye shadow brush as the sponge applicator doesn't allow for precision but is great as a blending tool. The shadows come in a cute compact with mirror which is handy when you are on the go.

Unlike other shadow, these are lasting and don't tend to smudge or fade away. It is a great kit for day and night and I have found that I didn't need to reapply.

If your looking for a good eyeshadow kit I would highly recommend this quad. For someone who has gone from never wearing eyeshadow to using this almost everyday it was definitely a good investment and at £12 it didn't break the bank. I am now thinking of taking a look at their solo shadows and may take the plunge in buying a dark grey/black shadow to blend into my eyeliner.

What eye shadows would you girls recommend for such a eyeshadow novice like myself?

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter is Coming

Wow as if it is the first of December already! Now we can truly get excited about the run up to Christmas. It is time for me to get my shopping head on and pick some amazing presents for those closest to me. I love picking out things for other people, I just hope they like them too!

So excited to be heading down to Leeds today! So just a quick update on what I am wearing before I go!

This is the Topshop dress I mentioned in an earlier post, I also wore this to my boyfriend's graduation last week, so versatile! I love the skater style of this dress it is very flattering, especially if you go out at the hips! I teamed it up with my ombre Topshop scarf that I cannot seem to take off at the moment! It is so soft and adds a little detail to a plain outfit.

I decided to make a smart decision and wear flats as I will no doubt be spending the day wandering around the shops, and my feet tend to hurt after hours tottering about in heels!

Hoping to stop of at Harvey Nic's for a cocktail or two whilst browsing! They are expensive but sooo yummy! If anyone knows of any places that are a must go in Leeds, let me know!

Anyway I'm off to have my nails done before I go. Who has some exciting plans for the weekend?


Friday, 30 November 2012

Sparkle like a Star

Today was the first day of our three day 'Sparkle' weekend at Miss Selfridge. Us girls needed to dress to impress in our local store and help customers know what is hot this party season. I don't really own many 'party' dresses from Miss Selfridge, so I decided to wear this dress that my boyfriend kindly bought me for my birthday.

I don't normally wear things that show off my top half, since there is a lack of it! But I quite like the style and cut of the dress. I love the lace detail, and flowy bottom skirt. Since it was purchased I have worn it twice both for meals out. It would make a lovely Christmas dress as it isn't too over the top or showy.

Since it was a sparkle weekend, and my dress lacked a bit of dazzle, I quickly picked this collar up before the start of my shift. I have wanted this for ages but could never justify paying £18.50 for a necklace, but today I finally gave in. It's so pretty and will go with many of my high neck dresses and will add a bit of umph to a plain top and outfit. Collars are everywhere this season and they really make an outfit pop. There are so many on the high street both necklace and material versions, so I would recommend picking one up before Christmas to add a bit of detail to your outfit.

I am in love with Topshop frilly socks at the moment and I spotted these sparkly, black versions yesterday to add to my collection. They look awesome with my Topshop Alexy boots and were perfect for the sparkle day. So yeah, I bought them and I love them!

Cannot wait to be heading back to Leeds for the weekend tomorrow, we are staying in some beautiful apartments called Residence Six that I shall be taking a few snaps to show off. It is nice to get away for the weekend especially after you have just been paid. Some major Christmas shopping is to be done tomorrow before I spend it all.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.