Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Velvet and Gold

Just getting ready for work at the moment and off to the staff Christmas do tonight which I am a little excited for! Not too sure what to wear yet, maybe my faithful black velvet skater dress from Topshop with the sparkly dots, sounds quite the Christmas do attire.

Had some exciting news yesterday, I have an interview lined up in the new year for a marketing assistant position so fingers crossed for that. Time to do my research I think. Also waiting to hear back on a couple of other writing projects so who knows maybe this time next year I may be well on my way in forging a writing career for myself!

I can't believe it is almost the new year. This year has gone so quickly, so much has happened.
Leaving University was probably the biggest and strangest change of all that and moving back home. So far so good though so I can't complain. I actually do not know what my NYE plans are yet and with only a few short weeks away I better get a shake on and start planning something. Otherwise it will be me, alone with a bottle of Dissarano for company and I simply cannot have that!

I absolutely love this dress from the Chelsea Girl section in River Island. it is fast becoming one of my favourites, I can literally wear it for anything. Work, meal, cinema, pub times, it is so versatile. It was only £30 which is very cheap for a lovely feeling velvet. The baroque pattern is very 'in' at the moment isn't it? The little fringing is so cute but I have been known to get them tangled causing some bits to fray but never mind!

This scarf is an old purchase from H&M. I love the black panther and the gold print, it is so gaudy and OTT but it reminds me of something you would find at a vintage fayre that was once owned by and old spinster that wore over sized earrings and real fur. Sometimes ugly is the new beautiful and you just have to go with it!

This is my new bag that I banged on about here. I love it, I wanted it to I bought it and have not looked back. it is so roomy that I can fit all my bits and bobs and useless things into. Great for going to and from the boyfriend's with.

Off to work I go, not sure we will get much done today, will most likely be gossipping about who is wearing what and tonight's do.

How are you and your work friends celebrating this year??