Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Past Christmas Present

Please excuse me for my blogging absence for the past week as I have well and truly basked in the Christmas festivities. Present giving and receiving, eating mince pies, watching winter wonderland films and spending time with those closest to me. Although is hasn't all been fun and games as I work in retail. Ah yes the Christmas sales, I both have love for them and hate. Love when I am joining in on the shopping and hate whilst I watch you all shop and then pick up the trail of sale that is left behind.

It is safe to say I have been run off my feet at work but I admit it is nice to get home and forget the day with that big stocking of chocolate that I gratefully opened on Christmas day! Thanks to my lovely family and boyfriend I opened some beautiful presents over the past week. A couple of Topshop dresses, Armani Diamonds perfume, some Porefessional and a stunning Ted Baker phone case are just a few to name.

Expect to see many product reviews showing up due to the heavy number of beauty essentials that have come my way and there are some beauties! From skincare to hair care, I will have it covered in some form or another! There is nothing better than to have plenty of products to try out on the run up to the new year. Speaking of the big day, I have yet to have anything planned for the first time in years! I better think of something quick, before it me all on my lonesome!

With New Year just around the corner it can mean only one thing... the announcement of my first ever giveaway winner! Exciting stuff! To enter my giveaway just take a little look here.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with some special presents!


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