Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nails Inc's Victoria

I am a strong advocate of Nail's Inc polish after discovering them a few years back, free polish in Glamour magazine anyone?? I have built up a small collection of shades that I revisit time and time again. They are hard wearing, have a lovely smooth and glossy finish and best of all they do not go all gloopy in the bottle!

Nails Inc Victoria

The newest addition to my growing collection is the beautiful Victoria. A dark cherry shade that allows for deeper colour after two coats with a shiny and even finish. I love dark shades on nails, they make your nails pop and they eye is instantly drawn to them. The shade is both dramatic and alluring and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Dubbed as one of the 'Hero' shades, it proves its popularity with each coating. Every girl needs a dark cherry purple in their nail collection and this has to be one of the best I have tried. The packaging is typical Nails Inc, simple and straight to the point. The colour does the talking and in the clear glass bottle it is clear to see why this is one of the Hero collection. It will always be an 'in' colour, timeless.

The colour is quick and easy to apply and if you are like me and can make a bit of a mess (random dots of polish around your fingers) then I would recommend this brand. they go on so evenly it makes it very difficult for even the worst painter to go wrong!

If dark colours are not your thing, then don't worry this shade could still be the one for you. With just one coat this shade can transform your nails, to a lovely light cherry red and for those who embrace the dark, pop on another coat to take you from light and bright, to a darker shade of night with a more purple colour.

This polish is simply amazing and worth the £11 price tag and is fast becoming my new staple polish. You can use it time and time again and the polish will maintain it's staying power both inside and out the bottle. You never know this shade may just grace the cover of Glamour magazine this year as one of it's amazing freebies. Keep your eyes peeled girls.

What is your polish must have this season??


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