Saturday, 8 December 2012

Big Bag Love

Just a quick post today about my new found love for my brand new bag. Is it a little sad, yes. Am I being a bit over the top, yes, but does it make me very happy...YES!

I have been after this River Island bag for ages and I mean ages. I first saw it in my local store a few months ago and when I ventured back in on pay day a week later, they had sold out, standard. So I though I would check it out online, for the record I never buy anything online like ever but I would make an exception for the bag of my dreams. After all it was big, black, had both two little handles and a long strap and to finish it off gold metal detail. Everything I could ever want or need from a bag, rolled into one must have bag. But seen as I thought it was so great, so did everyone else and the bag was sold out online.

I never did forget about the bag even when I was contemplating adding THE Zara bag, that everyone out there adores, to this years Christmas list. So on my little trip to Leeds, I wandered into River Island and there it was, on the top shelf, the last two. And one of them would be mine, and now it is.

So there we have it one girl's bag dream made into a reality. It just goes to show that if you keep believing in something, one day it will turn up in a River Island far far away waiting for you to go find it.

That is just one story of how I found my dream bag, stay tuned for other pointless stories about nothing in particular coming your way in the near future....

Have you ever found something that you had wanted for so long that sold out everywhere??


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  1. That bag was truly meant to be yours! I always kick myself if I see something and then decide I want it and it's sold out. But eBays always a good one for tracking them down! xxx