Sunday, 17 February 2013

Moving on Up

When my mum invited me out with her work friends last night I didn't quite no what to expect. Would it be awkward, would it be dull, would I be bored out of my mind? Well the answer was quite simple, no, no it wouldn't be. We drank, we giggled, we danced and we had a bloody good time.

I have a confession to make, I am a newly single girl which should explain my blogging absence since new year. I really needed a good night out, where I could just let my hair down and have fun.So I did and hope I will be doing it more often now!

Since becoming a newly singleton, I didn't really know what to do with myself. For over a year I have always had someone to experience things with and a routine. It's quite the sudden shock when all that is gone but after taking time out I came to realise people come and go, and life changes. So it is definitely time to get on with things!

I love this dress I am wearing, its a velvet French Connection dress that I bought about two years ago now. If it is black and velvet, I have to have it! I paired it up with black opaques, (my lily white legs are not ready to be seen out and about) and my new Miss.S necklace that I picked up for a measly £1.50! I've really taken to OTT jewellery lately and have picked up quite a few statement necklaces over the past few weeks. They can make or break an outfit, and make something dull a bit more lively! I love Arabella's jewellery selection, she has some lovely pieces and has inspired me to be a little more daring when it come to my own selection.

I was also in the need of a new clutch and bigger is always better in my opinion! I wanted this bag ever since it arrived in one of our delivery's months and months ago, but each time pay day came and went there were always other things I wanted more! That was until this bag went down from £35 to £10! I could no longer resist the suede touch and studded detail! Although I now face the problem of the silver stud, gold jewellery scenario! I hate mixing the two!

In more exciting news, me and my friend are planning a holiday for the summer months! Not decided on where to go as of yet but this is my first ever girly holiday and I am so excited! It means a lot of saving rather than splurging in the run up to summer but with the promise of sand, sea and cocktails I think i may just about handle it!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

MAC Plumful

It has taken me a while to test out the offerings from the MAC lipstick collection. On a recent trip to York, not being one to pass up a trip to the MAC counter, I decided to part ways with fourteen pounds and picked up this beautiful shade.

I love plum and berry shades. They are a way to spice up your make up look without being too dramatic.  This shade is the perfect mix of plum and pink, not too light and not too deep. The colour starts of being quite sheer when you first apply but the colour is buildable for a stronger statement.
The staying power is brilliant, and I found I only needed to top up a few times throughout the day to just build on the colour. I found a lip brush allowed me to be more precise and made outlining the lips that much easier.

MAC Plumful £14

The finish is quite glossy, and is perfect for everyday wear. I usually prefer a matte look lip, but with the weather leaving my lips quite dry, this lipstick was a great alternative. The texture is smooth and didn't cling to problem areas. Popping on a layer of lip balm before hand, provides a great base for the colour.

There are so many other shades that I want to try from this range and for fourteen pounds I think its a cheaper way to get that MAC fix!

Which shades would you recommend for perfect every day wear?