Friday, 2 November 2012

Midnight Getaways

I am back after my lovely night away in York. I will be doing a post full of pics of random things that I took whilst away, (see I am getting good at remembering to take pics to post!) The weather was lovely during the day, the sun showed it's face for a little while but as soon as it turned dark the heavens opened. Note to self, black suede pumps from Topshop are not suitable footwear to wear in
the rain!

I think I earned some mega girlfriend points on Tuesday night. I am both proud and ashamed to admit that I accompanied Michael on a midnight, (yes midnight!) trip to Game to buy the new Assassin's Creed game. To clarify I know nothing about games, I do not play then and don't like the fact that it can distract my boyfriend more than I can. I can tell you I felt truly out of place in there, but I swallowed my pride and lined up with the rest of the game fanatics knowing that once it was over I would  be going home to bed and not be pulling an all nighter staring at a computer screen like the rest of my company.

These are a few pics of my outfit that I wore to work on Tuesday . The Jacket is something I picked up a few weeks ago whilst in New Look. I loved the River Island style but as you can imagine was sold out everywhere and online. I like this version but in no way beats the RI jacket. I wear this a lot to style down my outfits if I think they are a bit OTT for a trip to town or work. I have acquired a taste for PU in recent months and this coat definitely fit the bill and for £44.99 it is one of the cheapest I have seen on the High Street.

New Look Jacket
Miss Selfridge Knit
River Island Pu Skirt
Topshop Alexy Boots

I bought this jumper on my uniform the other day. I love the colour and had been eyeing it up for a while. It is chunky but I hope not too unflattering! Miss Selfridge stock them in cream, khaki and a dark oatmeal shade too. I did have my concerns of the fabric pulling and so far I have had a few snags on the hangers at work but managed to pull the thread back through. I am planning to wear it with my wet look leggings and new khaki jeans. For those chill out, can-not-be-bothered days, I will most likely thrown it on with a pair of leggings and hope for the best.

I love long necklaces and always head along to the Topshop Freedom stand when I am in store. There is a huge sale on at the minute and picked up this gold chain for half the price. I teamed it with my old favourite Miss S. cross necklace that everyone seems to have!

I lusted after these Alexy Chelsea boots from Topshop for ages before I decided to give in to temptation. I shamefully admit that they have barely been work since I bought them.  It always seems the best option to throw on a pair of flats rather than messing around with socks and boots. With the colder days coming in I may have to find a decent  pair of flat boots that I can wear in rain and all.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. I have a week off work and plan to enjoy every minute of it! Tomorrow will be spent shopping with the mother and little sis and being used primarily for  my Arcadia discount. It lovely knowing I am so loved...eesh.



  1. Lovely outfit :) ...very jealous of your arcadia discount!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Maddie xx

  2. love your jealous of your Arcadia discount! & bless you accompanying your boyfriend aww:) xx