Tuesday, 6 November 2012

outfit post 2

November the fifth is finally here.so excited for tonight's festivities. Bonfires, fireworks, cinder toffee, hot chocolate galore. This is what autumn is all about. Will be doing a little post about what I get up to tonight and how warm I actually do wrap up. Bought a new topshop a scarf specially!

This is an outfit that I wore today while I braved the cold weather in Middlesbrough. I threw on my faux fur ready for a day of shopping and Christmas browsing.

The top is a new one I picked up from Topshop last week on pay day. It's so pretty and I can easily dress it up or down. It is very sheer so I threw on a little camp underneath to uphold my modesty for the day time! The top was a steal at thirty pounds and the texture of the fabric is lovely. It even survived a whole glass of Archers and lemonade being spilt down it last week (courtesy of the boyfriend, how lovely!)

For the record I never ever wear jeans, that is until I picked these beauties up in Miss S. I love the colour and I'm planning on wearing them in homage to this season's military style. These are a tad too long and they are a thirty leg,serious miss size here! But for thirty eight pound who can complain!

I hope everyone has a lovely time watching the bright lights in the sky tonight! How are you spending this fifth of November?


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