Friday, 9 November 2012

In Your Light


Topshop Scarf

Today has been quite a mellow day as my week off is drawing to a close. I'm so excited to be going to see Gotye next Thursday and cannot stop listening to his albums, In Your Light has to be one of my favourites at the minute hence the post title!
With the little sister being off school. I took the rare opportunity for a few outfit snaps in daytime! Yes actual daytime! So here is what I wore today as I travelled back from my boyfriends. This is Clover the rabbits big blog debut and I think he is quite taken with having his photograph snapped.
I absolutely love this top/dress from Miss Selfridge. I think its supposed to be a long slubby top but with my short lengths I can pull it of with tights without revealing too much information! It is one of those things that you can just throw on with tights, jeans and leggings. I love the lace panel down the front as it adds a little detail without being too dressy. I bought this a few months ago but Miss Selfridge brought them back out into the stores a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping that they would reinvent the style in a burgundy or berry but sadly this was not to be.
 This is the scarf I found the other day in Topshop. For £16 I thibnk its quite a lot for a scarf but with my Arcadia discount I though it was a good investment and will hopefully see me through the season. i love the feel of this scarf, it is lovely and thick perfect for the winter. The dark charcoal colour means it will pretty much go with most things in my wardrobe and better still goes together with my faux fur for when it is super freezing!

Topshop Alexy Boots


Both rings here are from Topshop the cross only cost me £4! I love the vintage style effect of the red ring and jazzes up plan jewellery. My necklaces are again from Topshop sale. I wanted the chunky gold chain for ages and when I spotted it for £3.50 I was in luck and picked it up straight away.
Back to work on Sunday after a long week off. Not before my little trip to Richmond tomorow with the family and a night in with the boyfriend. I am looking forward to heading back to work, to see all the newbies that have been delivered and no doubt what I will be spending my next pay on!
Well time to dash now, there is a  cake in the oven with my name on it, just waiting to be filled with yummy whipped cream. I shall be posting a quick recipe with some snaps later on just for a little change.
I have also officially joined Twitter and plan to tweet this time for real, you can find me here and would really appreciate a few followers so I'm not out there on my own :)
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Lovely dress! Enjoy the cake and have a wonderful weekend! x

  2. That is a huge rabbit... he could eat my cat, haha! But that aside, you look lovely and I love your ankle boots :)