Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Little Sun Beam in the Winter


I am a huge fan of benefit Cosmetics and I have been buying a few of their bits and pieces for a few years now. I am a strong advocate of the benefit High Beam and a full size bottle can last me pretty much the full year. After browsing through the magazine aisle in WhSmiths I saw that Instyle magazine were giving away sample sized bottles of a few of their products. I have never tried the Sun Beam, with my pale skin I thought the shade would be too sun kissed for my complexion but decided to try it anyway.

I am quite impressed with this product, it isn't quite as golden or sun kissed as I had expected and didn't look to harsh against my skin. The product left my cheekbones with a nice dewy glow and complimented my pinky tone blusher quite well. I only needed to use a small amount of the product to get the look i wanted. I applied a couple of dots along the top of my cheek bone, a little across the bridge of my nose and also a little under my brows. A little goes along way with this product.

I think I will stick to the High Beam in future just as I prefer the pinky shimmery tone. The Sun Beam would be perfect for a night on the town or to add a sun kissed glow in the warmer months.

Have any of you tried the Benefit highlighters, which is your beam of choice?



  1. oooh never tried sun beam! I have moon beam tho and I love it!

    Sarah x

  2. I got a set last Christmas that had both sun beam and moon beam and I am also a pale lady so I definitely prefer moon beam. I'm always very pleased when magazines do samples like this though, it really does save you from paying big bucks for a product that isn't for you. :)


  3. I have both sun beam and moon beam, I love them both. I agree though moon beam is definitely better for day to day wear...I love how long these products last though, definitely worth the money!xxx

  4. Omg, I love UK magazines so much, we never get freebies in Brazil! I'll pop in to WHSmith tomorrow for sure, thanks for the heads up! Followed you! xx

  5. I love sunbeam! But now the little bit of tan I had from the summer has gone it looks a bit to gold-y on me and clashes with my pale skin :(
    Daniella x

  6. I've never tried highlighters I might now!
    NRC ♥

  7. Thanks for your comment lovely, I use this extremely cheap Revlon eyebrow powder! I use it in dark brown and you can get it here but it's sold out in dark brown at the moment.

    I love Benefit products but I've never tried a highlighter, this looks pretty though! xo