Friday, 12 October 2012

Durham Days and Faux Furs

Coat -Miss Selfidge, Bag- Primark

With sun beaming and cameras at the ready my little sister and I donned our faux furs and headed out to the beautiful city of Durham. With the city's picturesque scenery I thought it would be the perfect place to take a few snaps as well as take a little look round the high street.

The place is beautiful and looks extra special in the sunlight however windy weather isn't the best option to take flawless photos. With hair flying around the face and bags flapping in the wind, perfect picture taking time is transformed into a rather hectic, make-do experience.

Shirt- Miss Selfridge

We strolled around the cobbled streets, stopping by all the high street favourites, weaving in and out of all the students buzzing around town (major jealousy towards them all, what I would give to be a student again...). Once we were all shopped out, if there is such a thing, we walked alongside the river which was seriously higher than usual and me being very clumsy stayed as far away from the edge as I could.

Collar clips- Miss Selfridge

Shoes- Topshop

For the record I hate having my photo taken unless I have inspected every last bit of it before anyone has the chance to see it. I feel ridiculous when posing for photos and normally end up deleting them all. So this was quite nerve wrecking for me standing, in public, with a camera in my face! Even my Instagram is set to private! All in the name of blogging I hear you cry!

After all the fathing about with instagram and sun in the eyes we had a well deserved Starbucks frappucino. Absolutely delicious but seriously cold, not ideal in this weather! Mistake on our part, and suffered major brain freeze as a consequence but I have to admit it was worth it!

After today's shenanigans, I am home with little to do but to relax and get ready for work tomorrow and a weekend at the boyfriends house. Hopefully I will get to see Taken 2 tomorrow and maybe a cheeky visit to Nandos will be on the cards.



  1. Beautiful photos! that coat is gorge xx

    1. Thank you, was deffinately worth the pennies x

  2. I think you look beautiful in these pictures, you've done the blogging world proud!
    Gorgeous coat :)

    le fresne x