Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Been Shopping Lately?

Ohh the miracle of shopping. Thought I would share with you girlies what I have been spending my money on recently. Just a few purchases amongst a whole other heap of purchases that will be having there debut in outfit posts that are yet to come. It is such a pain working during the day when it is perfectly light outside but as soon as you step foot inside your own home, it is considerably a lot darker outside! This little problem may call for some inside outfit posts before they disappear all together! Anyway enough of my rambling, on to the clothes.

Chelsea Girl at River Island

Miss Selfridge

French Connection-sale

When I saw this black dress in River Island the other day I fell in love with it, my boyfriend on the other hand was not sold, describing it as a boxy curtain. But his harsh words did not stop me. I love the velvet feel of the material and the fringe detailing just tops it off. For £30, it could do no wrong. I have never really looked at the Chelsea Girl range in River Island but if this is the sort of thing you can find there I will be taking a look more often.

The leopard print dress is from Miss Selfridge and I really like the fabric. Its very soft and flowy and perfect for night or day.So far I have only worn this to work (I work in Miss Selfridge, a little discount goes a long way!) I think this dress was £39, standard for Miss S clothing. The only problem I have is that the wrap over seems to fall to one side and can lead to very embarrassing bra to customer moments. However I think I have got this one solved with use of hair grips and clever placing. Finger's crossed there will be no more flashing or embarrassing customer relations.

Finally I bought this blouse from French Connection in my local House of Fraser in the sale. Sale price was £28, full price I think it was in the £60 region, so a steal really. The blouse is very sheer so a flesh coloured bra or little cami is needed underneath to hide my modesty. The light snake print is very subtle and is classy rather than trashy. I wear this buttoned up high and tucked into my River Island black PU skirt (I'm sure this outfit will appear at some point in a post).

So that was a few ideas of what I have been buying when in reality I have bought so much more this month which I am embarrassed to admit. All those extra hours came in handy on my sprees this month. My biggest splurge were my Topshop Alexy boots that I adore and they now even do them in burgundy! But now it is back to reality and time to be sensible with my money!

I'm wanting to do a little giveaway soon but not too sure whether it is too soon in my blogging days, what do you girls think?Yey or ney to a giveaway?



  1. Love them all! Jealous.



  2. The leopard print dress is sooo pretty!

  3. The French connection shirt is a very good deal! Well done lol! It has a pretty print too.



  4. Love that shirt!!



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  5. Amazing pieces, would love to have them in my wardrobe :')